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Feeling FRUSTRATED by Voice Lessons That Haven't Created Your "Signature Sound"?

Professor Kelly’s students are found on American Idol, meeting with producers of The Voice, on YouTube, Spotify, with Disney, and MORE! 

Working with Kelly, you’ll get the rare opportunity to combine science and artistry in order to create your “signature, one-of-kind Vocal SOUND”. And to take things even a step further, joining The Singer’s Style Lab community could take your career to new heights!

The Singer's style Lab

If your goal is to succeed in the music industry, you need industry specific vocal training! And you can get just that (and more) by joining this community of emerging professionals.

Vocal Workshops

Join Kelly as she pairs up with famous influencers and vocal professionals who will take you through the ins and outs of everything you need to learn about your voice.

2023 Webinar Calendar

For student ease of access or for those interested in knowing what's around the bend, click below to check out what webinar events (with special guests) will be taking place this year.

2023 Events Calendar

For student ease of access or for those interested in knowing what's around the bend, click below to check out what events (with special guests) will be taking place this year.

Don't waste another minute ...

There are thousands of good voices out there.

It's TIME To Make Yours Unforgettable!

Professor Kelly’s singing students are found on American Idol, Disney, Universal Entertainment, and MORE.
And her very own voice has been heard by over 67 million people worldwide in League of Legends.

Truthfully now … there’s a lot of information out there on how to sing. But you will have a hard time finding anyone who can help you create YOUR signature sound using the power of vocal science. This approach can save years of training. 

As a one-of-a-kind vocal coach, Kelly respects for YOUR vocal goals.  She will share with you options of sound for you to pick and choose as your stylize your own voice. And in doing so, YOU become the creator of your own, unique vocal artistry. 

Kelly's Feature Program:

The Singer's Style Lab

Performer Program

$49 (USD)

per week

Complete Program

$497 (USD)

per month
Includes EVERYTHING in (option #1) the "Performer Program" PLUS ...
**The online concerts will help you master performance and recording skills, and get your social media presence rolling.

Vocal Mentoring


audition only
This is a golden opportunity to audition for some personalized 1:1 coaching.
Your SOUND. Your VOICE. Your WAY!
By clicking the button below you'll be filling out an application to request and audition -- and so Kelly can get to know more about you.

Meet the Professor; Kelly Burge

Vocal Coach Extraordinaire

What if you could save yourself years of vocal training by working with an expert who can work with your voice with scientific precision?

That’s what Professor Kelly does for her clients.

Being a professional singer takes dedication and practice. But if we harness the power of anatomy and acoustics, we can target your training to create immediate and lasting results. Professor Kelly’s students are found on American Idol, meeting with producers of The Voice, on YouTube, Spotify, with Disney, and all of them are using science to propel their voice and artistry to the next level.

If anyone knows, personally, the power of vocal science, it’s Professor Kelly. As one of 11 Estill Mentor and Course Instructors in the United States, she brings an elite level of expertise. Her singing students are found on American Idol, Disney, Universal Entertainment, American Bach Singers and MORE. Her extensive knowledge led to her own amazing career in voiceover. And her speaking voice is heard by over 67 million people worldwide in League of Legends.

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Hear what Kelly's Student Are Saying!

Erin Rementer
Erin Rementer
Professional Singer / Performer Disney (Universal)
Read More

Kelly has taught students with a wide variety of backgrounds and skills, all the way from beginners to accomplished performers from musical theater, opera and even rock bands. Her knowledge of all these musical genres and her patience in developing newcomers and polishing professionals all speak to her approach to informing healthy singing techniques. The one outstanding trait Kelly has is her passion, as well as her compassion, for teaching. After her instruction, I always felt challenged and motivated, not defeated. Her patience and gentle approach allow her students to be comfortable, yet vulnerable, both of which are extremely important in a voice lesson.
Raz Kennedy
Raz Kennedy
Gold and Platinum Record Performing Producer and Vocal Coach
Read More

Kelly’s professionalism and expertise is unparalleled in the arena of vocal instruction. She quickly decoded the cause of a vocal challenge I had been struggling with for some time and provided a viable solution within 20 minutes of entering her home studio. Knowledgeable, Musical, Patient, Kind, Skilled and incredibly effective are only a few of the attributes Kelly possesses as an instructor of voice. Whenever I’m in need for a quick vocal tune-up, Kelly is among the very few at the top of my list to check in with.
Valerie Golobic
Valerie Golobic
NATS National Finalist Music Theatre, SFBAC Finalist / Performer
Read More

Kelly is extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy. She has helped me grow in leaps and bounds since I have started with her. I feel so much more confident in my abilities and I am able to do so much more than I could before! She has shared so much knowledge with me that will help me vocally for the rest of my career. Kelly is also very kind, helpful, and committed to her students. She creates a safe space where I feel comfortable to try new things out and work through problem areas in my voice. I would not be the vocalist I am today without Kelly's help.
Katy Peterson
Katy Peterson
Recording Artists, Professional Singer, and Director / Vocal Coach
Read More

Kelly's teaching is inspirational, educational, and energetic. Having decades under my own belt as a performer and teacher, I have worked one-on-one with Kelly as well as in workshop settings with her and I can honestly say I get something valuable from our work together every single time. Kelly has the education, tools, and heart to bring students to the next level they want to achieve and I recommend her wholeheartedly.


Most frequent asked questions and answers.

There are four ways to work with me!

  1. Sign up for a webinar class.
    The webinars take place once a month and give important topical information from Kelly and guest artists.

  2. Sign up for a group class:
    • Teen musical theater lab
    • Adult musical theater lab (Coming SOON)
    • Teen pop music lab (Coming SOON)
    • Adult Singer Style Lab (for pop music)
  1. Sign up for the Combo Program:
    • All the webinars
    • The Group Class
    • Plus 30 / 30 minute private lessons per year
  1. Audition to work with me as a private music mentor. Preference is given to:
    • Professional singers
    • Semi professional singers
    • Those who have taken the above courses

For webinars: click here

For Group classes:

  • Click here for the Singer’s Style Lab
  • Click here for the Musical Theater Lab
  • Group classes are a great way to get information without paying premium price of 1:1
  • We learn better in group settings! You have the opportunity to hear how different voices function in a position, and are more likely to maneuver your voice into that position and retain YOUR vocal identity in the process. 
  • We get over performance anxiety when we work the voice in a group
  • Group classes become an extended family, community, support system for you!
  • Group classes are a great place to network with other people who are singers and performers just like you!
  • Getting positive feedback from a group helps you to feel more secure as a performer in front of an audience.  You know that more people respond favorably to your sound and it’s not just your teacher who likes it!

Join me in California!

DATES: June 20-June 24.

TIME: 9:00 am – 4:30 pm (each day)There’s plenty of fun things to do in the San Francisco Bay Area in the evenings!

Location: Pleasanton Middle School, Pleasanton California

Estill is a perfect way to JUMPSTART your vocal technique and understanding to the next level!  It’s like getting a “Turbo” button for your voice!

  • Water
  • Good space to make some noise!
  • It’s helpful to have a list of songs on hand that you KNOW, that you can sing portions of to try new techniques. We all have a tendency to blank out on songs when we are asked to sing one (even if we know and perform thousands of them!). The list can really help you through classes. 
  • If your voice is healthy, I recommend 12 minutes of vocal exercises each day to target and strengthen the positions that we use.  That should be followed by singing your OWN music and implementing the techniques in that position. 
  • The length of time will vary after those 12 minutes depending on how much music you’re performing, and your own personal goals.

Simply put,  YES.  5-6 days a week with a day or two of rest is optimal.  If you’ve had an intense gig or performance,  follow that day with a day of rest.  Then get back to the routine.  This is a PHYSICAL instrument.  So treat your practice like you would train for an athletic event.  If you’re a runner, It’s not enough to know HOW to run, you actually need to run and build endurance.  The same thing applies with your voice. 

  • Tickle
  • Scratch
  • Cough
  • Sudden loss of range
    • These are the early symptoms of vocal trauma or excessive fatigue.  (usually excessive fatigue is brought on by improper positioning unless you’re on the road or in the studio and performing for 8 hours a day)

If You are experiencing fatigue or illness, REST!  HYDRATE!  Then come back to reposition your voice and ease into practicing 24-48 hours later. 

If you have the following, consider rest:

  • Fever
  • Inability to speak (laryngitis)
  • Inability to siren through your range, or missing portions of your range after trying to siren and warm up
  • Extreme pain
  • A feeling of “sting” or “scratch” on the vocal folds

When can I “push it” a little?

Any type of illness will place your voice in a compromised state.  So if you NEED to sing or gig when you’re a bit “under” the weather (which happens when we’re professionals) Do the following

  • Warm up more slowly and a bit longer
  • Hydrate more than usual (minimum is half of your body weight in oz per day: 75 oz for a 150 pound human)
  • Stay with tried and true positions and don’t attempt to expand your range, repertoire or stamina in this state
  • Consider nasal rinses (neti pot or neil med rinse)
  • Consider using a vocal steamer (I love vicks hand held steamer) to deliver moisture to the vocal folds and soothe inflammation)
  • Be extra mindful about using proper technique

The recorded exercises go higher than most people will want to sing (on purpose) when it feels like it’s going TOO high for you, drop the octave and continue on with the exercise.  Don’t push yourself to go higher than you are physically able to do so with correct technique and positioning. The position is more important than the pitch. 

This program is set up on a subscription basis, kind of like your gym membership.  You have the opportunity to utilize as much or as little as you need!  There are months where we have MORE guest instructors, professionals, and presentations, and months where there is a little bit less.  The consistency of a subscription allows us to vary the style and content and keep the rate the same year round.

Summer is a time where many singers make tremendous strides and progress! However, this is also a time where we travel, I get more training and do international voice presentations, and many of you hit the road or the stage for shows. 

During the summer, we stop group information classes, and private lessons and switch to a model of Master classes or Open Coaching. 

What is a master class?
In a master class, you join a small group of people and perform a problematc song for you and receive coaching on it.  You have the opportunity to watch other people receive coaching as well.  This is an invaluable time to grow, because we all experience the same vocal challenges at different times.  If you learn from someone else, you may just avoid that issue in the future.  Zoom allows the opportunity to sing along with the person getting coached and maximize your own learning. Summer master classes also provide the opportunity to work with guest clinicians and performers!   I’ll bring in some of my FAVORITE people for you to experience! 

A “Lab” is a place to experiment and explore.  Every class Lab will have a topic of discussion and then a time to experiment and explore that topic with your own voice. 

Vocal science is a combination of anatomy, isolations and the exact muscles and positions we use to create the sounds you desire.

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Being a professional singer takes dedication and practice. 

But it also means knowing the right information for your voice. Sometimes, that little bit of information changes everything, and saves you years of frustration.

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