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Do I Need a Home Studio?

Back in the ancient days (like 15 years ago) you could go to college and get a music degree, and never really need to figure out how to record your voice.

Back in the day, you might have had the luxury of being picked up by a record label. (Records were those large plastic discs that made music on a device called turntables for you youngsters out there).

Then you would work with an A&R department to get your sound dialed in and develop your signature branding as an artist. You’d never really have to think about recording yourself, or what your microphone settings were like. Back in the “old days” you might just leave all of that to your sound engineer.

Times have changed! Now, a singer is expected to produce music from their living room, and create a virtual audience in a digital space. And these audiences can be far larger than any stadium or arena might have been in the past.

The good news is that recording equipment is significantly less expensive than it once was! A nice sounding home recording is within the reach of most technologically savvy people for a fairly small investment (at least compared to booking studio time with professional musicians and engineers).

I love the simplicity and layout that E-home recording studios has put into their six chapters on home recording. Check it out here!

If you decide you’d like to hear a little more on how some of my students and colleagues have learned to dial in their sound, feel free to join one of Professor Kelly's webinars.

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