Kelly is an Estill EMCI, one of about a dozen in the United States. Her experience as a college professor, VoiceOver artist, and Pop Vocal Coach, gives her a unique perspective as a trainer.














The Singer's Style Lab

 Create YOUR Signature Vocal Sound

If your goal is to succeed in the music industry,
 you need industry specific vocal training!
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Turn Your "Vocal Break" into a "Vocal Breakthrough!" 

Learn the NINE physical ways to handle the break, and the amazing colors that each choice can create! 

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"Turn your Vocal Break into a Vocal Breakthrough!"  

Here's what her students say: 
  “I credit Kelly as changing my life by helping me to realize, ‘hey maybe I can really do this!’ Especially by helping me access new areas of my voice and new tones that I never knew I had in me.”  
(That's me on the far left!)
- Megan Sola-Guinto
Singer and Songwriter   Sola Music
“Kelly’s professionalism and expertise is unparalleled in the arena of vocal instruction. 
     She quickly decoded the cause of a vocal challenge I had been struggling with for some time and provided a viable solution within 20 minutes of entering her home studio.  Knowledgeable, Musical, Patient, kind, Skilled and incredibly effective are only a few of the attributes Kelly possesses as an instructor of voice.  Whenever I’m in need for a quick vocal tune-up, Kelly is among the very few at the top of my list to check in with”.  
 - Raz Kennedy 
Gold and Platinum Record Performing Artist  Producer, and Vocal Coach
"Not only does Kelly know vocal structure and how the voice works,
       she knows what sounds good and how to bring that out in students.
On top of vocal teaching, Kelly is excellent at teaching lyric crafting and songwriting. She has helped improve and form many of my own songs which I sing today!
Kelly has been a huge part of my music development". 
 - Elijah Merrell  
Singer-songwriter , Music Producer.   Merrell Music

Here's how it works:

  1. Join a community of emerging professional singers.
  2. Meet every week to explore pop-specific, anatomy based training.  
  3. Explore the 8 areas of vocal color that are essential for every pop singing -  from riffing to texture, whisper pop to belting
  4. Get expert instruction in person, with Kelly, alongside other voice pros!
  5. Miss a week?  Watch the recording later in the week.   
    Style Lab Times:  Mondays 6:30-8:00 PM Pacific time and Tuesdays 10:00-11:00 am Pacific Time
    START ANY MONTH YOU LIKE!  The Curriculum for the Singer's Style Lab is ongoing. (But you're going to want to be there for all of it!) 
     Style Lab is open:   September 19 - December 5, 2022     January 9 - May 15, 2023
Option One:
 "Performer Program"
  • Attend a weekly, live, online class
  • Master the eight qualities of sound that every pop/commercial singer needs to know. 
  • Small class size with Kelly as an instructor. 
  • Sessions are recorded and available for review  
  • Meet and collaborate with other singers and musicians in class
  • Includes Webinar Series
$49 a week over two 16 week semesters
Option 2:  "The Complete Program"
Everything in the  Performer Program 
  •   30 private, half-hour sessions with Professor Kelly per year.
  •  Access to “Get Vocally Ripped” vocal exercise program.
  •  Three online concerts to help you master performance and recording skills, and get your social media presence rolling
 $497 per month
Option Three:  "Vocal Mentor"
 Audition Only
  • Intensive, Personalized Coaching
    Private  1:1 sessions
  • Personalized song stylization to define your signature sound and launch your career vocal style
  • Audition only
Price TBD
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