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The Singer's Style Lab
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Frustrated by voice lessons that haven't created your "signature sound"?


  Professor Kelly’s students are found on American Idol, meeting with producers of The Voice, on YouTube, Spotify, with Disney, and MORE! 

 Combine science and artistry to create your "signature, one-of-kind Vocal SOUND"

The "Singer's Style Lab" community could take your career to new heights! 

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There are thousands of good voices out there.  

Make YOUR voice unforgettable!

 Her singing students are found on American Idol, Disney, Universal Entertainment, and MORE.  Her own voice is heard by 67 million people worldwide in League of Legends.

There's a lot of information out there on how to sing.   But you will have a hard time finding anyone who can help you create YOUR signature sound using the power of vocal science.  

This approach can save years of training. 

As a coach, Kelly respects for YOUR vocal goals.  She gives options of sound for you to pick and choose as your stylize your own voice.    In doing so, you become the creator of your own, unique vocal artistry. 


Every person has a beautiful voice.  Unleash your artistry and empower your voice. 

If anyone knows, personally, the power of vocal science, it’s Professor Kelly.  As one of eleven Estill Mentor and Course Instructors in the United States, she brings an elite level of expertise.  

 Her singing students are found on American Idol, Disney, Universal Entertainment, American Bach Singers and MORE. Her extensive knowledge led to her own career in voiceover.  Her speaking voice is heard by 67 million people worldwide in League of Legends.

Most of us have heard terms like breath, support, freedom, and resonance when it comes to the voice. You can find a lot of information on the internet.  But you will have a hard time finding anyone who can tell you how to locate the specific muscles you need to train.  You can find a lot of voice teachers who will train you.  But how do you know that they will get you to the sound that you want to create?  Working with someone who can target YOUR specific needs and address them with precise anatomical exercises can save you months, if not years, in your vocal pursuits. 

Kelly uses a combination of anatomy based vocal exercises, computer analysis of the voice, and a clear respect for YOUR vocal goals and endeavors.   In doing so, you become the creator of your own vocal artistry. 


Don’t waste another minute, get results. 

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What  Professor Kelly's Students Say:

"Kelly has taught students with a wide variety of backgrounds and skills, all the way from beginners to accomplished performers from musical theater, opera and even rock bands. Her knowledge of all these musical genres and her patience in developing newcomers and polishing professionals all speak to her approach to informing healthy singing techniques. The one outstanding trait Kelly has is her passion, as well as her compassion, for teaching. After her instruction, I always felt challenged and motivated, not defeated. Her patience and gentle approach allow her students to be comfortable, yet vulnerable, both of which are extremely important in a voice lesson."

Erin R Profesional singer/performer Disney, Universal

"Professor Kelly is a masterly teacher of Estill vocal science,  open and inviting to all techniques and experience, and always willing to go the extra mile to find out how to address a gnarly vocal challenge. She embraces and teaches to the full spectrum of vocal performance genres, from pop to music theatre to classical. Avid, energetic, curious, and supportive, but, above all, she is kind. Run, don't walk to take her classes."

Lauren Carley, singer, choral instructor, UC Berkeley, OLLI and Oakland Public Conservatory

"Kelly's teaching is inspirational, educational, and energetic. Having decades under my own belt as a performer and teacher, I have worked one-on-one with Kelly as well as in workshop settings with her and I can honestly say I get something valuable from our work together every single time. Kelly has the education, tools, and heart to bring students to the next level they want to achieve and I recommend her wholeheartedly."

Katy P, recording artist, professional singer, director and vocal coach

"Kelly is extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy. She has helped me grow in leaps and bounds since I have started with her. I feel so much more confident in my abilities and I am able to do so much more than I could before! She has shared so much knowledge with me that will help me vocally for the rest of my career.  Kelly is also very kind, helpful, and committed to her students. She creates a safe space where I feel comfortable to try new things out and work through problem areas in my voice. I would not be the vocalist I am today without Kelly's help."


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