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The Singer's Style Lab

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Create Your Signature Sound!
Does this Sound Like You?

•You have passion and talent, but need that extra "something' to make it in music 


•You avoid high notes, riffing, belting, or certain parts of your range 


•Your recorded voice sounds "okay" but nothing special


•You have a break in your voice  


You've taken voice lessons, but  your sound isn't right for your music

•You want your next recording to set you apart from the crowd


•You have ended up hoarse voice because you’ve tried to make your voice do the things you’ve heard other singers do


How the Style Lab Works

Make 4x faster progress than traditional private voice lessons.  

Join our community of support, collaboration, and professional musicians.


Meet in a Live Weekly Online Course

  • If watching social media gave us enough information to create a signature sound, we'd all be singers!  

  • You need a structured program of science based accelerated content with personalized coaching!


Learn the secret weapon of the Pop Color Wheel


  • Industry specific curriculum for two semesters

  • The Color Wheel allows you the ability to learn structured maneuvers while having freedom to find your own unique sound. 


Accelerated Progress

  • Proven 4x the progress of private lessons alone.

  • Don't waste time or money, get to where you want to be!  


Private Community of Professional Musicians

  • Collaborate

  • Create

  • Get Inspired

  • Gain more confidence

  • Define Your Artistry 


Create a signature voice that is as unique 

as your music! 

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When do we meet on zoom?

Mondays 6:30-8:00 PM PST


Tuesdays 10:00-11:00 AM PST

What do we do?

The right information can

be life changing!


Each week a 20-30 minute lesson followed by individual coaching on applying that component of the pop color wheel

How much does it Cost?

$49 per week


  • The Modern Vocalist Webinar Series

  • The Style Lab Online Community of Professionals

  • The Get Vocally Ripped Exercise Program

  • Recordings of each week's lessons

What if I miss a week?

You can always switch from Monday to Tuesday,

In addition, each week, the lesson and homework are recorded and posted in the Style Lab Products Page! 

What about private lessons?

You're going to LOVE the style lab community, and the progress you're going to make.   

Sometimes, you just need a private coach to get ready for the next EP or to head on the road.

I work with a handful of select students on a private coaching basis.  


If you're ready to audition to be a part of that community, reach out for an audition time to see it this is the next best step for you.   

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Ready to join the Singer's Style Lab community?

Join any time, the curriculum is ongoing

32 Voice Changing Moments for 32 Weeks! 

Do More in 32 weeks than most people do in four years of college training!

Only $49 a WEEK!   Much less than the average private lesson!
(Billed at $196 a month)

Got Questions?

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