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The Professor Kelly

Your voice, turbo-powered through science!
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Vibrato: All the Good Shakes Strategies to Create OR Minimize Vibrato

Erin Rementer Acting in Song.png

Acting in Song with
Erin Roush Rementer

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Get Vocally Ripped 
Warm ups to Maximize your vocal potential!

Breath Matters Heidi Moss.png

Heidi Moss and Breath Matters

Performing at the top of your game.png

Performing at the Top of Your Game with Shirley Stratton Dorritie


Remarkable Riffing with Simone Pitot

Modern Golden Era.png

The Modern Golden Era Sound with Abby Middleton

Baritones to Tenors.png

Turning Baritones Into Tenors or Altos Into Sopranos!

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Baritones to Tenors.png
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To make it in today's music industry, you need a  signature vocal sound that stands out amongst a

sea of thousands of new EP's released every day!

  • Pop Vocals are incredibly dense with textures, timbres and expressions! The average singer uses only about 3-5 different timbres - most professionals will use that many timbres per SECOND of recorded music. 

  • Modern vocalists need sounds that will "survive" studio compression and autotune, and still leave something that sounds "organic" and unique.   These textures are seldom found in music prior to digital recording.  

  • Traditional voice lessons will train you to do the physiologic OPPOSITE of what you need for pop music, and will reduce your effectiveness in modern pop.  

  • One on one lessons can actually increase stage fright and anxiety, while having a group of semi pro to professional singers around you can break the isolation that often comes with being an independent artist.  

  • The Style Lab is a safe community where you can explore new textures, timbres, and expressions within the pop color wheel.

  • Develop and define YOUR signature sound! The world needs to hear your song!


Professor Kelly's webinars offer an in-depth look into vocal science, exploring the anatomy of the voice and how to use it to your advantage. Unlock your voice and maximize its full potential by learning proper vocal techniques and gain the confidence necessary to take your singing to the next level.


The Modern Vocalist Webinar Series provides an invaluable opportunity for vocalists of all levels. It is an immersive experience that will give you  new tips and tricks as a performer, key perspectives in the recording studio, hone your skills as an actor, and broaden your understanding with insight from other professionals in the industry. 

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