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Professor Kelly Voice Studio
Ready to discover your Signature Sound?
Options for Intensive Study
Want a little vocal "boost" each and every month?
Join the Community of Modern Vocalists!
Every month a new topic or guest ! 
Interact Live on Zoom, or watch on Video! 
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The Modern Vocalist
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As one of eleven Estill Voice Training mentors and course instructors in the United States, Kelly Burge is a one-of-a-kind vocal coach who can help you reach your vocal goals and find your signature sound.


Her extensive knowledge led to her own amazing career in voiceover. And her speaking voice is heard by over 180 million people worldwide in the online game,
League of Legends.

Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials

  • How do I sign up for courses?
    Click on the link for the course you'd like to join, and add your information!
  • Do you offer discounts?
    There is no discount on private coaching. However, I do offer scholarship discounts in the Lab classes for those who are: Full time college students K-12 educators Special circumstances Fill out the scholarship form to qualify.
  • What's the benefit of joining a group class?
    We learn at least 4x faster in group settings! You are more likely to retain YOUR vocal identity if you hear more than one person work through a vocal color. We get over performance anxiety. We all need community, support, and a professional network. Bounce your new techniques and sounds off of a professional community, not just one person. Get information without paying premium price. Add private coaching if and when you need it!
  • Can I sign up at any time?
    The Lab courses run from September through the end of May. If you'd like to join mid year, plan on staying through the months that you missed to finish the complete all the elements of the style lab.
  • What do you mean when you talk about "vocal science"?
    Vocal science is a combination of understanding anatomy with acoustics to create the sounds you desire. We have more moving parts in the human voice than in a piano! In the classes we isolate specific portions of the anatomy to create the results you desire. We can measure those results in spectrogram, a computer analysis of your sound in order to give visual feedback getting the correct position. This can really help you practice with consistency, and leave you with greater confidence.
  • What if I miss a class?
    All the webinars and style lab courses are pre recorded, and will be uploaded to the website within 48 hours of the class. You'll be able to watch what you missed and stay on track!
  • Why do you call the group classes "Labs"?
    A “Lab” is a place to experiment and explore. Every class Lab will have a topic of discussion and then a time to experiment and explore that topic with your own voice. There is always the opportunity for 1:1 coaching in each class. Experimentation, with the supervision of a vocal health expert will help you explore safely!


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