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Your Voice Matters

Coaching for the
Executive Voice

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"She's the Boss"
January 20, 2024

You've worked hard to get where you are!

You have vision, purpose and passion!

Take the lead with your voice, and step into your FULL Potential!

Three hour INTENSIVE for the Female Executive

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When the message matters
Your voice is ESSENTIAL!

We all have the same anatomical parts when it comes to the voice.

So why do some people command a room with warmth and authenticity, while others struggle to be heard?

In fact,  the sound of your voice often communicates MORE to your audience than the actual words you say! 

As a college professor, I taught a course called “Voice for Digital Media”.  We focused on how to speak in a variety of settings.

This course was during the 2020 democratic primaries.  I asked my students to rank the candidates on the quality of their speaking voice alone.  

I was astonished to watch as the candidates fell out of the race in the exact same order as their vocal quality.  Ultimately, the students predicted the winner of the primaries based on voice quality alone!  

Your voice has the power to  propel your career and your life purpose forward! 


Voiceover Artist and voice coach

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Female Voices:  

Women face some acoustic challenges.  It has to do with thickness of folds, pitch and where we hear harmonics. 

 But that doesn’t mean a female voice can’t carry weight, warmth, and power.  Just think of  Siri, (Susan Bennett) who is the most listened to voice on the planet!  When we understand our acoustic challenges,  your voice can be influencial and change the world.  

I get a lot of requests to do accent reduction.  However, I believe that your accent is as unique to you as your fingerprint!  It should remain a part of your story! 

However, there are key acoustic markers which help ensure that your message and your intent are clearly understood.  It's not about reducing your accent, instead we focus on giving your audience the acoustics they need in order to establish trust and authority.  

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Private Coaching packages available

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