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Kelly's Story

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Kelly started playing piano at the age of six, songwriting at eleven and knew that music needed to be her career from an early age.   It was songwriting that led her to study voice.  

Like many singers, the only option for vocal study was opera.  She was told: “You need to forget all this pop music, and sing real music instead”.  

She wondered,  "isn't all music, real music?"

She kept writing after college, became a published ASCAP songwriter, and continued to try to sing in a way that would bring her music to life.  But it was a frustrating path.  Very few people had a grasp on how to create a great pop sound.


Then, she met the late Jo Estill.  Jo's research and mentorship changed the way Kelly thought about the voice.  

That shift led to unexpected versatility and career in VoiceOver and being featured in one of the world’s largest games: League of Legends, with over 170 million players.  


Her students experienced overwhelming success: American Idol, Disney, Universal Studios, original EP’s and so much more.   


Eventually she took a voice position at a prestigious private college.  She created a curriculum for vocal science, and sought to create a voice program that would take the culture and music of students seriously.  


In 2020, Kelly left the university setting to pursue vocal education so that anyone could access this information.    


She set out to write a curriculum that took pop vocals seriously, while equipping singers with the exploration they’d need to create their own signature sound. That course became a community called,  “The Singer’s Style Lab”.  

A song has the power to change the world.  


Kelly's mission is to help people discover their signature sound, and change the world, one song at a time. 

Meet your Professor

Kelly Burge

Kelly's students have been on American Idol, in running for The Voice, and are dropping EP's and taking leading roles every month of the year.  

Her own voice is heard in League of Legends, played by over 170 million people worldwide.  

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Learn from Professor Kelly

Looking to develop your singing or speaking skills? Get top-notch vocal instruction for any level. From the Singer's Style Lab: Pop Vocals, to Executive Vocal Coaching,  Modern Vocalist Webinar Series, and the Teen Musical Theater Lab, Professor Kelly has the expertise and resources to help you reach all of your singing goals.

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