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Bedroom Producers—Making Music From Home

As long as I’m on a “FREE stuff for singers” trend, I figured I’d keep sharing the resources that I’ve come across.

Is singing more interesting to you than recording? If you’re like me, you love hearing the final product, and you like the actual making music part of recording. But the technology and set up part can be a little bit, boring, overwhelming, or just plain frustrating.

Believe me, I have had my share of embarrassing pleas for help in tech chat rooms and hours spent trying to figure my way into being more recording savvy through the years.

Truth be told, I prefer to just visit a professional studio and let someone else take care of all of that for me. But in your early days, your true fans may really want to hear you more often than your studio budget will allow. Face it, don’t you love it when someone you’ve followed as an artist who was singing from their living room suddenly makes it big and you can say “I called it!”?

It wasn’t always that way. When I started out, I can still remember the high I had with the first LIVE audience of over 2000 people. It was early in my college singing days, and I knew I was hooked. But we can get swayed by seeing a number like 5k views and not realize how BIG that digital audience is. Digital audiences can exceed the capacity of large stadiums, and do so for a fraction of the cost.

Most record label and large festivals will look to see that you have a substantive digital audience before they ask you to open for a headlining artist at a festival or go on the road. And that means, you’ll have to figure out a way to get recording and really loving your online fans from the start.

I came across this fun blog called “bedroom producers blog” designed for artists who are precisely at that stage in their careers.

They made a list of all of the free resources for recording at home. Some of these are 90-day free trials, others are totally free (

Bedroom producers blog is a fun blog to follow because they discuss all the problems and challenges that you WILL run into when you start recording yourself. Even though there are some great articles, it’s designed for people who may have more interest in the MUSIC side of things than the TECH side of recording.

If you can just stick with it, and take it in small steps, you may find that you can supplement your studio budget with smaller and more “real” recordings of your own that will find you the fans who will stay loyal to you for life!

Happy Singing!

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